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How to brew?

How to brew a real natural beer?

Probably few of beer fans wondered how beer is brewed? And certainly many people think that this is difficult and time-consuming process. However, this is not quite true.

Classic beer brewing with malt, water and hops. With these ingredients prepared wort, which is then fermented by brewer's yeast. As result of fermentation process there is foamy drink, loved by many people.


Please take a malt - sprouting, and then purified from the dried sprouts and barley. Malt must be crushed in a certain way, get to the exit, different factions: grits, flour and husks. This is a straightforward roller crusher. Crushed malt is important part of beer base.


Then the crushed malt is poured water in a certain ratio - this is called mash. The mash is heated gradually, stirring constantly. This process is called mashing wort (malt grains) and lasts for hours, and the mash temperature does not exceed 77 degrees Celsius. Then, when the malt will give the water all the substances filtered wort from the spent grain (malted cake). The filtered liquid is called beer wort.


After filtration, the wort is boiled with hops. After boiling with hop wort and beer gets its flavor and bitterness, which then give the beer its special taste. After boiling, the wort is filtered again, this time to separate the hop suspension.


After filtration, the hopped wort is cooled to the desired temperature and to it was added brewer's yeast. Thus begins the final stage of beer making - fermentation. Depending on the technology and recipes grade yeast fermentation may take from a few weeks to several months.


Of course, in each of the stages of the brewing process has its own nuances and subtleties prescription. Of great importance it is also the quality of the ingredients. But even with the amateurish approach to business and a mediocre feedstock, it ends up with a beer - far more delicious, unlike factory pasteurized bottled beer from the shop.

We have seen it personally, and the taste of our very first beer, brewed just a bucket in the kitchen, she gave a feeling, which then could not provide even the most famous varieties of Bavarian and Czech. A name that feeling - delight and rapture!

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