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Payback period for brewery Pivoyar

Buying a brewery, or a mini brewery its safe and reliable investment

Here we want to talk about why buying a brewery - a reliable investment. And how quickly it can pay for itself and start to make a profit. We will try to be as objective as possible and think clearly, using real numbers, facts and observations.

So buying a brewery is a safe and profitable investment for the following reasons: 1. High reliability and ultra-low wear of the equipment; 2. There isn't obsolescence of equipment; 3. Do not require the labor of highly qualified personnel; 4. It produce always and everywhere demanded product; 5. The relatively low cost of the manufactured product; 6. It has a projected payback period; 7. It helps increase the total revenue of the bar, restaurant or bar.

Now consider each item in details:

High reliability and ultra-low wear of the equipment

The fundamental unit of the brewery is quite simple and has remained unchanged for centuries. In itself, brewing equipment is not complicated technical solution, but of great importance in its manufacture are quality materials, craftsmanship of specialists and production conditions. For the production of the breweries we purchase high quality European stainless steel and use professional equipment at its welding and further processing.

In result, you get a reliable equipment, the number of cycles is impossible to calculate. With careful handling, our brewery will operate for decades sometimes requiring only minimal planned repairs, such as replacing the pump seal, rubber seals, small accessories etc ..

There isn't obsolescence of equipment

As mentioned above, the fundamental unit of classical brewery is not changed for centuries. This is due to the fact that the brewing process has its overall traditions and differences in cooking recipes beer not require special parts and components of the design of the brewery. Therefore, investing their capital in the brewery, you can be absolutely sure that this equipment will be on demand and after 10 and 100 years. That can't be said about any other equipment in our consumer age.

The brewery does not require the labor of highly qualified personnel

It is known that highly profitable business tool (not counting illegal its species) - it is, as usual, complicated, high-tech, cutting-edge equipment. And such equipment requires trained and skilled staff. To work at the brewery is absolutely not need deep knowledge in any discipline. Learn how to brew beer can anyone not stupid and loving this drink people. The main thing is to have a "good taste" in brewing.

Brewer produce always and everywhere demanded product;

I think, it's not necessary to talk about the popularity and demand of beer. And if someone says that the beer - a product of purely seasonal and demand in the hot season - let not agree with him. There are varieties and types of beer, that is simply not to drink chilled. It's light and dark ales and dark lager beer with a high density and a rich bouquet of flavors. Drink a beer in one gulp in the summer heat to quench your thirst is just blasphemy. You have leisurely enjoy by amazing and bright taste of such beer in a cozy atmosphere near to burning fireplace. And when you have private brewery - you are free to brew beer when you want and how you want.

The beer has a rather low unit cost

So, from talking about the beautiful, good and eternal, we gradually move to the figures. Just say simply: finished beer has a very low unit cost. Of course, the absolute cost and selling price may undergo substantial fairly wide range. This is due to varying cost and quality of the feedstock, and on the formulation skill of the brewer, the quality of the resulting product and its popularity among consumers. But one thing remains unchanged: the proportion of the cost price of beer is almost always less than half. In other words, Mark-up on beer is always above 100%. Spending one coin, the brewer will earn a minimum two. Tempting, is not it?

The projected payback period of the brewery or minibrewery

If you are the owner of the bar, pub, restaurant, then you know how many liters of beer you sell within a certain time. Therefore, you can calculate the estimated revenue from the sale of own beer, multiplying the number of liters at the mark-up above unit cost, that you want. And you can be sure that if you take not very hight price, then your visitors will buy only your beer, and the volume of its sales still increase significantly. Why? Because the beer, which you have not traded before will go to any comparison with those one which will be sold after the installation of your own brewery.

The increase in overall earnings of the bar, pub or restaurant with its own brewerie.

As experience demonstrates, bars and restaurants, that launch its own brewery, in addition to increasing beer sales volumes receive increased overall revenue. And that brcause from the moment when, in your bar appears the incomparable, original and always fresh beer, the people you will begin to come back more often. Begin to bring friends. And friends of friends, etc. And came to you all of them will order more appetizers, dishes, perhaps because it is original and fresh beer of your own production, you usually start to book corporate parties and holidays. Pasteurized Bottled beer - it's not fun, but craft natural beer - very well. Tested on personal experience: many years after that celebrated the wedding guests not remember a variety of salads, meat dishes and desserts, thay remember only taste of beer, which they were then treated.

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