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Mini brewery

The  "Pivoyar" company produce mini brewery from 100 to 300 liters of usable volume for the production of the classic lager beer and ales. Also our brewery suitable for the production of increasingly popular crafting beer.

These models of mini brewery allow produce from 100 to 300 liters of wort per brew.

Type of beer produced lager or ale) depending on the design offers CCT (cylindro-conical tanks) in which there is a beer fermentation. Fermentation takes place upland beer at room temperature, and the camp at temeperature +3 - +5 ° C.

Our CCT are equipped with forced cooling circuit. A CCT for lager can be supplied with additional insulation. Thereby, you will not need to cool the entire space of the fermentation area. Moreover, cooking and fermentation area can be placed in a small room, which will allow you to open a mini brewery with minimal cost.

Lineup of mini breweries "Pivoyar":

Ukraine, Kiev region.
Belaya Tserkov Skvirskoe schosse 20
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