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Mini brewery for bars and restaurants

For bars and restaurants best fit our model of mini breweries, volume 300 and 500 liters per brew. It all depends on your sales volume of  draft beer, type of beer that you want to offer to your visitors, and appropriate for you frequency brews.

Using these models breweries you'll can brew ale, lager and also crafting beer by your  own unique recipe.

Brewery for production of ales (warm-fermented beer)

Ale - a beer that is fermented with a special type of brewer's yeast (ale yeast) at room temperature for a relatively short period of time. Usual ale is much "denser" than lager and saturated with a large number of vitamins and aminoacids. This upland taste of beer is much brighter and richer than the classic lager.

Brewing of ale is the most cost-effective, fast, as it requires less than the cost of fermentation equipment, and has a much shorter period of fermentation. Sale of ale begins in 12 days from the day of the brewing. However, you should to realize the ale faster than the lager. About a week or two after the complete maturation, ale taste deteriorates, it begins a beer aging process. Although, it should be noted that this does not affect all varieties of ale. There are varieties of maturation that takes place for six months or longer and taste of beer over time is getting better and more "right" for this style of beer. So it all depends on the recipe and your taste.

Mini brewery for lager beer

To brewing lager need CCT (cylindro-conical tanks) with forced cooling in more than for brewing ale. This is due to the fact that lager fermentation period is from 24 days or more, depending on the formulation. Because of this, lager get more lighter and kept much longer.

Mini brewery crafting for beer production

Craft beer - it's beer, brewed according to a special recipe, with the addition of non-traditional classic beer ingredients. For example, hot spices, herbs, berries and anything else. Craft beer can be ale or lager beer. The appearance of your bar or restaurant craft beer very quickly make your restaurant a popular, special and advantageous to allocate it among the competitors.


Base of brewing equipment - mash and lauther tun are the same for all types of beer. The CCT with forced cooling can be used for ale or lager fermentation.

The volume of the brewery - it's a working volume of the mash and lauther tuns, in which you must get as a result of a mashing process. In the normal operation mode can be realized in one brew at day. But if necessary, can be boiled wort in two shifts. Thus, the maximum possible performance brewery - its working volume is multiplied by the number of brews per day.

Buy your own brewery you need with reserve by volume, as sales of natural beer in your bar or restaurant is sure to grow!

Lineup brewing "Pivoyar» Equipment for bars and restaurants:

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