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Choosing of the brewery, сhoosing of equipment for breweries

How to choose the equipment for breweries?

To choose the equipment for breweries, determine its configuration and performance, you need to decide what type of beer and in what volumes you want to produce. Performance is indicated by the volume of the brewery brewing beer wort in a single production cycle. Cycle time (brewing) depends on the capacity of the equipment and recipes. The average brewing time lasts from 4 to 8 hours. Therefore, in one day can be made a maximum of two mashing process.

Brewery equipment consists of the main and auxiliary units. Basic units are included in the basic package and are mandatory.

The main aggregates of the brewery, is:

  • malt mill;
  • mash-brewing vat;
  • filter tank;
  • set CCT (cylindro-conical tanks).

The CCT passes primary fermentation of beer wort. Number of CCT depends on the type of beer you want to make and method of secondary fermentation and maturation of beer.

The remaining units of our breweries we refer to the subsidiary, as without them you can also brew beer, they can be replaced by other units, but without them the work is less convenient. They also work much easier, and the beer is of higher quality.

Auxiliary units brewery is:

  • wort cooler;
  • hydrocyclone (Whirlpool);
  • SIP-washing equipment;
  • beer storage tanks.

Choosing a Hardware Configuration for the brewery - is, at first, choosing of brewery capacity per mashing, the choice of the necessary amount of CCT and then additional equipment. Number of CCT depends on the type of beer you want to brew, and its maturation time according with recipe.

Types of beer are only two: top fermentation beer (ale) and low fermentation beer (lager). But there are a lot of varieties of beer, especially in ales.

The primary fermentation of any beer lasts about 6-8 days, depending on the recipe. Secondary fermentation of ale lasts for 8-14 days, lager - for 14 days or longer, depending on the recipe. Fermentation temperature for ale is about 18-22 ° C and for lager is about 10-12°C and further lower (down to 1-2 ° C).

Obviously, the brewing of ale is economically more advantageous. Ale production requires half the amount of CCT and tanks for fermentation, and no need for cooling units for low-temperature fermentation of the lager. Less term upland beer fermentation will allow an equal number of CCT produce two ales instead of one type of lager. Or twice the amount of ales, against a variety of lager.

For lager beer need more CCT, as lager fermentation time longer rideable. In addition, lager made to clarify before fermentation using hydrocyclone (whirlpool). Just lager can be as filtered and so unfiltered.

Based on the above, when deciding what equipment to choose the configuration, you must determine the following:

1. What volume of beer a day need to produce;
2. what type of beer to brew (ale or lager, or both at once)
3. How many varieties of beer need to produce.

And last not least the decisive factor is the size and layout of the building in which you plan to install a brewery.

Based on your answers to the above questions, we will help you determine the optimal hardware configuration.

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