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Украина, Белая Церковь
Торговая площадь, БРУМ.

Production of equipment for breweries

  • Минипивоварня на 300 литров в в Черновцах
  • Пивоварня на 1000 л. выхода пива
  • Производство минипивоварен европейского качества

The company "Pivoyar" - is the production of equipment for breweries. We produce brewing equipment in Ukraine and sell it in Ukraine and abroad. Our team - a friendly company of talented and ambitious people. We love good beer and so do our job with love.

We want people to drink only the real and quality beer, so we produce high quality brewery at so low a price as possible, what is very annoying of our closest competitors.

If you decide to open a brewery and brew true natural beer - you have got to address. On our site you will find actual prices at the brewery. The quality of the brewery equipment can be assessed, only after brewing. But look, the quality of execution units and parts, and general aesthetics our breweries, you can estimate now in the photo-gallery. We have the necessary quality certificates Ukrainian and European standard (CE).

Catalog breweries on our website is made on the application and on the working volume. Catalog breweries in scope - it microbreweries, breweries for bars and restaurants and microbreweries. The difference in work volume and technical nuances. The range of volumes, declared on site - from 100 to 2000 liters per brew. These are the models that we produce and sell. However, we can produce the brewery of any size that you want.

We hope you enjoy reading and ultimately, even more pleasant purchase!

What's new? We begin export to European market

We exported to Europe, ours first brewery! Two-ton unit started to work in the town Enschede, Netherlands. In turn Slovak Republic and Poland. Interested in even the Czech Republic - the cradle of European brewing.

Created beer cost calculator

On our site was created a calculator for calculating the cost of 1 liter of beer. Calculator calculates the cost price for raw materials, excluding the costs of taxation, licensing and staff salaries. Beer cost calculator is available to everyone free of charge.

Created calculator for calculating the cost of the brewery

In our site was created a calculator for calculating the cost of the brewery. Calculator calculates the cost of any required configuration of your equipment and allows you to send the calculation result to the detailed cost estimate to your email box.

We published a table of overall volume of our breweries

We published a table of overall volume production of our breweries. This will be useful when calculating the cost of the delivery of our services breweries transport.

Certificate of compliance with European standards (CE)

We have received a certificate of compliance with European standards (CE) to be made by us microbreweries! Now our brewery are available in the European Union.

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